NUTECH Meeting 25 Sep,2020 - APBF

NUTECH Meeting

25 Sep 2020

All Pakistan Business Forum ( APBF) hosted National University of Technology (NUTECH) Islamabad, Director-General NUTECH AVM Rana Anees LATIF SI(M) along with Director NORIIC Mr. Syed Salman Khalid, Director Skills Mr. Naveed Yousaf, and Mr. Habib Ur Rehman of NUTECH.
APBF President Mr. Syed Maaz Mahmood and APBF Lahore Board member Mr. Wasim Zakaria, Mr. Haseeb Safdar, and Mr. Manzoor ul Haq Malik APBF Board Member and Former Chairman FPCCI and SCCI welcomed the esteemed delegation.
DG NUTECH AVM Rana Anees briefed about the vision of NUTECH and how to move further in the different fields of skills development. DG NUTECH appreciated the efforts and working of APBF to interact with relevant stakeholders for a prosperous Pakistan.
Syed Salman Khalid, Director NORIIC NUTECH gave an interactive and detailed presentation about the working of NUTECH.
NUTECH is working for skills development and technical education to the youth of Pakistan and APBF working on the same lines as well.
Mr. Naveed Yousaf, Director of Skills Training, said that skills development is more important than traditional studies and we are planning to train the human resource as per the Industry demand. Mr. Syed Salman said NUTECH intends to work with APBF in terms of access to the industry, skills Development/ vocational training to Human Resource as per the demand of the local and international industry, Hospitality management, water treatment/resource management, plan to set up TVET institute in Lahore and some international linkages for Technology transfer, R&D and innovation with a concept of commercialization to make it result-oriented efforts and success.
APBF President Mr. Syed Maaz Mahmood briefed that APBF is already working on these areas and will support NUTECH in its initiatives with an aim to export skills workforce to the rest of the world from Pakistan.
Mr. Wasim Zakaria appreciated the efforts of NUTECH and said that it’s the need for time.
Mr. Manzoor Malik said that such interactive efforts will reduce the training cost of the industry as well as the industry knows the new technology and market trends. He said that it’s very beneficial for the Industry and University because of both gain knowledge from each other.
Mr. Manzoor ul Haq Malik said that Government should make its policies clear toward the industry and make an environment where Industries and institutes growing by helping each other and also establishment of labs to certify the products in collaboration with international labs according to standards and specifications.
Mr. Haseeb Safdar said that it’s a great idea and institutes like NUTECH and APBF should facilitate to make the international standard testing labs in Pakistan that will reduce the cost and increase the quality of products.
DG NUTECH invited APBF to be part of its working forums to advise and mentor accordingly to the needs of the industry. Meeting ended with a word of thanks and commitment to put up best efforts with strong efforts for a prosperous and innovative Pakistan. A special thanks to Mr. Manzoor ul Haq Malik for the great hospitality