Company Overview - APBF

Who We Are

“ALL PAKISTAN BUSINESS FORUM (“the Association”) is an association formed as a limited Association under section 42  of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 vide license No. 659, dated May 22, 2013, incorporated in Pakistan on June 13, 2013.” Company universal identification number is  0084133,  national tax number is 4174121-8, Associated with Companies Pakpur, and auditors of the Company are A.Shabaz & Company.

Our Mission

Analyze problems faced by the business community to advocate practical solutions. Provide a district-wise evolved coherent plan for giving a meaningful direction to the vibrant community in Pakistan with a focus to generate economies of scale, activity employment, taxes, productivity, exports resulting in momentum in the right direction. Provide professional suggestions to the Government(s) for budget-making.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to help you make tough Decisions, Achieve Success, Capitalize on Market Opportunities and Develop Action plans that are Realistic and designed to Achieve results.

Company Overview

We invite you to be part of a journey that entrepreneurs of your caliber and passion are desirous of undertaking to bring about a positive change in Pakistan.

With the constant failure of state apparatus and government institutions, and lack of strategic planning our country is fast approaching a defining moment when we, as a nation, will have to decide if we wish to take the path of prosperity and join ranks with respected nations in the world, or otherwise. At this critical juncture, All Pakistan Business Forum represents your voice to suggest a coherent policy framework to change the direction of the country.

APBF- Board Meeting
APBF- Board Meeting

Besides, APBF offers you the ability to network with other businesses worldwide and enhance your share of business in the global village.

Our membership represents a diverse mix of industries, services, and trades. However, the most pronounced common element among all of us is the proven track record of success and on-ground delivery along with the utmost desire to overcome the red-tape and status-quo. Transparency and professionalism is the hallmark of our team. In short, we are a group of “implementers” who believes in focused action through strategy and planning.

If you feel you possess the above attributes, we invite you to join us in inspiring business leaders to help build a prosperous Pakistan.

Future APBF contributions for Ease of Doing Business in Pakistan

  • To play a dynamic role in the rapid growth of the Pakistani industry by making APBF a true business activity hub by promoting deeper business relationships amongst the local member companies and creating opportunities for new businesses / JVs with foreign companies/investors.


  • To facilitate all new/potential foreign entrants/investors to Pakistan through a one-window operation.


  • Creating collaboration opportunities amongst the new entrants and approved local businesses.

Offering 1 – Match Making

  1. Enabling the local companies to expand their businesses by better networking through sharing their capabilities and requirements.
  2. Bringing the foreign companies & investors who wish to start a business in Pakistan in contact with reliable / approved potential local partners.
  3. Provide an opportunity for both local and foreign companies to interact with approved service providers e.g. logistics, contracts, construction, design, accommodation, security, HR, etc.

Offering 2 – Advising

  1. Company formation
  2. Corporate law
  3. Tax Implications
  4. Site selection
  5. Bank processes
  6. Factory related processes: Registrations / Utilities connections
  7. Labor laws etc.

Offering 3 – Enabling Services

  1. Filing of applications etc.
  2. Arranging meetings with relevant departments
  3. Assistance in getting approvals

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