BMOSIE,TEVTA 24 Dec, 2020 - APBF


24 Dec, 2020

Great Initiative was taken by All Pakistan Business Forum, to gather All stakeholders & Industry at one platform for developing demand-driven courses to arrange a technically trained skilled workforce for the industry.
In lieu of the efforts of Chairperson Tevta Punjab Ali Salman Siddiqui, Maaz Mahmood President All Pakistan Business Forum, and Haroon Ali Khan President BOM Sundar Industrial Estate for achieving the objective a high-powered meeting held at Sundar Industrial Estate.
Mr. Haroon Ali Khan President Sunder Industrial Estate Board of Management, Mr. Aamir Aziz General Manager Procurement TEVTA & Syed Maaz Mahmood President All Pakistan Business Forum along with their teams attended the meeting.
Mr. Haroon Ali Khan President BOM SIE welcomed the delegates and appreciated APBF’s efforts to keep on working for an important and need of time cooperation to develop skills workforce according to the demand of the industry.
Mr. Aamir Aziz GM TEVTA said that the government is fully committed to convert the youth of Pakistan into an economic force as the country has the largest population of young people ever recorded in history.
Mr. Haroon Ali Khan President BOMSIE said Sundar Industrial Estate is ready to extend their cooperation to TEVTA for developing the skilled force and would like to make SUNDAR a role model for other industrial estates of the country.
On the occasion, APBF President Syed Maaz Mahmood appreciated the vision of Ali Salman Chairperson TEVTA and Haroon Ali Khan President BOM SIE and called for promoting technical and skills development in the country, stating that only technically trained skilled youth can match the private sector’s human resource requirements, besides uplifting the national economy especially in the post-corona economic slowdown and it can help to export human resource to different sectors across the globe.
Mr. Khurram Niaz Secretary-General APBF and Mr. Amir Munir President APBF Lahore Board shared the efforts done by APBF earlier in TVET, hospitality management, and export of skilled Human Resources. The road map was finalized and a high-level working committee was formed that will start working under the leadership of APBF, TEVTA, and Board of Management Sundar Industrial Estate.