APBF National & Lahore Board Meeting December 12, 2019 - APBF

APBF held its National & Lahore Board Meeting and hosted the new British Deputy High Commissioner and Trade Director to Pakistan, to discuss the business opportunities between Pakistan and UK December 12, 2019

APBF National & Board meeting was held to discuss the APBF Upcoming conference “Way to a Prosperous Pakistan” on 12 December 2019 at Marriott Hotel Islamabad.

After the board meeting, APBF hosted the new British Deputy High Commissioner and Trade Director to Pakistan H.E. Mike Nithavrianakis to discuss the business opportunities between Pakistan and The United Kingdom.
APBF Syed Maaz Mahmood President All Pakistan Business Forum welcomed Mike and Ms. Sumera Naveed Senior Trade Manager British Deputy High Commissioner, he congratulated Mike on his appointment in Pakistan.
Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi Chairman APBF briefed about the formation of APBF and further the initiatives and efforts being made by APBF to increase bilateral trade, people-to-people contact between Pakistan and the rest of the world while showing actually attractive and favorable for business to a foreign investor.

Maaz Mahmood President APBF gave comprehensive detail of the upcoming APBF conference in Islamabad on 12 December 2019. He also appreciated the positive gesture and initiative of Mike of making direct interaction with the business community of Pakistan. He highlighted Pakistan’s economic potential as compared to the global community and also briefed that APBF always interacted with U. K and other diplomatic community to increase the business opportunities and bilateral trade.

APBF Lahore Board President Mr. Amir Munir briefed that there was great potential for exports of Pakistani goods that are not being utilized and we should promote it through APBF.

Chairman APBF Ibrahim Qureshi elaborated about APBF’s focus and priorities for ease of doing business and solutions while addressing the real challenges. Wasim Zakaria said that initiative of delegations from both sides should be taken to increase interaction between both countries and Mike welcomed and acknowledged this idea. Mike appreciated the talent and potential of the Pakistani nation which can take Pakistan to a height of prosperity and development. The idea of doing a conference together on Ease of doing business, climate change, Renewable Energy / Solar, water, Skills workforce development, innovating new ideas for business, economy and bilateral trade was discussed and was discussed for further deliberations.
British Deputy High Commissioner Mike applauded the APBF’s dedicated efforts for the betterment of Pakistan and said that Pakistan is a beautiful country and has great potential. Mike also appreciated the APBF’s previous conferences on Pakistan at Cross Road- Skill workforce development and Ease of doing business in Pakistan. Maaz President APBF that it’s the need of time and Pakistan can make more progress by putting in best efforts for Skill Workforce development and U. K. can also take some positive step to support it.

APBF Board Members Ms. Saman Yazdani said that U. K. should make more interaction with Pakistan due to the strong business expertise of our business community. Khurram Secretary-General APBF said that it will boost the imports & exports and increase the foreign investments in Pakistan.

Mr. Khurram Niaz Khan Secretary-General APBF and other APBF Board Members Mr. Amir Ata Barry, Mr. Naveed, Mr. Amir Munir Malik, Mr. Nadeem Sheikh, Ms. Saman Yazdani, Mr. Hasnat Safdar Hussain, Ms. Uzma Manzar, and Ms. Zeeshan of American Lycetuff participated in the meeting.
The meeting was ended with words of thanks to the British Deputy High Commissioner and other APBF board members. Special Thanks to Ms. Saman Yazdani Khan for being APBF partners and for her excellent hospitality.