APBF Meeting With Ambassador of Pakistan to Hungary 15 Oct 2020 - APBF

APBF Meeting With Ambassador of Pakistan to Hungary

15 Oct 2020

All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF) board members online seminar with H. E. Dr. Muhemmed Aejaz Ambassador of Pakistan to Hungary.
APBF Lahore Board President /COO DB Schenker Mr. Amir Munir Malik welcomed Excellency Dr. Muhemmed Aejaz and shown a detailed working presentation about sectors of bilateral trade between Hungary and Pakistan. APBF President Syed Maaz Mahmood briefed Excellency Dr. Aejaz about APBF and activities of APBF as APBF has always tried its best to increase the bilateral trade, people to people contact, joint ventures, and collaborations with other countries for a prosperous Pakistan. Excellency Dr. Aejaz thanked APBF for arranging this tremendous and interactive online seminar with him with such a group having so many renowned and severe businessmen. All the APBF board members gave their brief intro about their businesses and shown interest in establishing cooperation with Hungary and welcomed the Ambassador.
H.E. Muhemmed Aejaz thanked all the board members and briefed the different business opportunities between Pakistan and Hungary. Excellency Dr. Aejaz said that at the advice of Excellency Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah M. Qureshi to make Pakistan economically self-reliant he is finding opportunities and ways to bring investment opportunities between Hungary and Pakistan along with joint ventures and technology transfers. He further said that Hungary is also an agricultural country like Pakistan. He said Hungary had introduced different technologies in agriculture to improve & increase production. Furthermore, he said,  would be pleased and do my best so that the same benefits can be taken by Pakistan. He said that we can introduce our agricultural products in Hungary. Despite it, Hungary is an agricultural country but there is still great potential because they already knew the taste of these products. Further, he said Hungary has specialized in environmental resources in Water Resource Management and Waste Management. Our business community can collaborate with Hungary to get technology & innovations. Also, Pakistan should adopt the Hungary model of Urban Development for a beautiful and better Pakistan.
H.E. said that the following sectors have a great potential for the business community of Pakistan for joint ventures and collaboration with the Hungarian business community.
1) Surgical products
2) Small Engineering
3) Auto parts
4) Carpets
5) Dairy
6) Education Sectors
6) Sports goods
7) Mangoes and oranges
8) Tourism of Pakistan
9)Or any quality product of Pakistan
H.E. said that there is such no big competition exist in Hungary for the new businesses that are a plus point for the Pakistan Business community.
APBF founding chairman and Chairman PIEDMC Syed Nabeel Hashmi said that we should promote the engineering sector of Pakistan in Hungary due to its great potential. APBF Board members Dr. Saman Yazdani & Mr. Naeem Chaudhary said that dairy products should be great potential for Hungary because Pakistan is also rich in dairy. Mr. Haroon Ali Khan APBF National Board Member and President BOM Sundar Industrial Estate thanked Excellency and shown great interest in the sectors mentioned by H. E. and said that good coordination and recommendations can be made from Pakistan. Mr. Aamir Barry Founding member of APBF said that we need to interact with partners in Hungary to extend businesses and get technology transfers.
Mr. Manzoor Ahmad Malik Former Chairman FPCCI Punjab appreciated the efforts of APBF for this great cause and extended full cooperation from Sheikhupura Chamber. Mr. Asif Rafique Rajwana told that he wants to collaborate with Hungarians as there is a lot to with I. T. Industry and also shown seriousness in mango export. Mr. M. S. Babar and Mr. Zeeshan Sandal also intended to work to engage with the Hungarian business community to have cooperation. Mian Haseeb Safdar briefed about his company Coppergate Cables and encouraged this mutual cooperation. Participants from APBF are Mr. Syed Maaz Mahmood, Mr. Amir Munir, Mr. Amir Ata Barry, Mr. Haroon Ali Khan, Mr. Muhammad Naeem, Mr. Yaqoob Saifi, Dr. Saman Yazdani, Mr. Mian Haseeb Safdar, Mr. Salman Asif, Mr. M.S. Baber, Mr. Asif Rafiq Rajwana, Mr. Faisal Saleem, Mr. Manzoor ul Haq Malik, and Mr. Zeeshan Sandal.
H.E. Muhemmed Aejaz thanks the APBF members to participate and said that I had met with all the Chambers of Pakistan but APBF has a great & intellectual business community. Further, he said that APBF businessmen should interact with the Hungary companies for joint ventures or collaborations and let me know personally, his office will facilitate and act as a front office for the business community of Pakistan. Meeting ended with words of thanks and great commitment for a prosperous and strong Pakistan.