APBF Delegation Meets Italian Businessmen April 5, 2016 - APBF

APBF Delegation Meets Italian Businessmen At Italian Foreign Affairs Office Rome, Italy April 5, 2016

APBF delegation meets Italian businessmen at Italian Foreign affairs office Rome Italy organized by the efforts and support of HE Mr. Stefano Pontecorvo Ambassador of Italy in Pakistan to increase bilateral trade and investment on both sides of the countries. President APBF Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi initiated all the participants to invest in Pakistan as its a country full of opportunities and profitable business. He further urged the participants to visit Pakistan and APBF can arrange B2B meetings with senior and serious business groups to enhance trade business relationships and bilateral trade. He also appreciated the efforts of the Pakistan Ambassador in Italy Mr. Nadeem Riaz for his efforts to increase relationships and making the image of Pakistan better and attractive to the people of Italy. Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi President APBF has also delivered a convincing image of Pakistan to Italian Businessmen and top-of-the-line Italian trade associations in Rome, Italy. A very detailed, attractive, and factual image of doing business in Pakistan was portrayed by Mr. Ibrahim which has led Italian companies to seriously think about investing and collaborating with Pakistani companies.