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Shah Faisal Afridi


Mr. Faisal is a professional businessman and CEO of Ruba SEZ Group. He received his formal education from Stamford College, Singapore and afterwards joined the family business and has gained extensive experience in business management.

He is leading a large and diversified group of companies in Pakistan, known as Ruba SEZ Group. The Group is one of the major players of Pakistani Industries in Textiles, Electronics, Information Technology, Automobile, Banking, Real Estate Development, Power Generation and Steel Sector.

He has accompanied top leaders including President and Prime Ministers during their visits to different countries; he also has the honor of becoming the host of many leaders including President and Prime Minister of Peoples Republic of China in Pakistan on behalf of Ruba SEZ Group.

He enjoys good relations with Chinese business community. In order to develop Hi-Tech industry in Pakistan and to play a role in socio-economic development of the country, he has made intense efforts and developed liaison with various Chinese Companies to bring them to Pakistan for industrial development & growth. By the grace of Almighty Allah, he has succeeded in establishing joint ventures and brought Chinese Companies who have not only invested but also introduced latest technologies in Pakistan. Ruba SEZ Group is the only group in the private sector which has collaborated with Chinese, both in public and private sector, in various companies including Haier Group of China, Yulu, Royal Roads, Shandong Education CFMCC, TBEA China, Lit Cheong Power Engineering Limited, Shifeng,Foton, Real Force etc.

Recently Ruba Group has acquired majority share holdings of Burj Bank and Mr. Faisal has been appointed as one of the key board members of the Burj Bank.

These Chinese companies invested in Pakistan and placed large majority of Chinese manpower. They brought state of the art technology in Pakistan and, at present, are involved in multiple projects. At various occasions, Mr. Faisal had the honor to host the Top officials / dignitaries of China who were visiting Pakistan.

The Honorable Prime Minister of China and after that His Excellency President of China had also visited Pakistan and so many other dignitaries to promote the ties between the two countries.

He is an active member of society and always tries to contribute towards the national development. In 2006, he was accredited the “Best Businessman of the Year” award. He holds the following distinctions:

  • President Pak-China joint Chamber Of Commerce
  • Honorary Consul of Kyrgyzstan
  • Board Member of Board of Investment Pakistan.
  • Honorary Technical advisor of Board of Investment (BOI) for investment from China, Energy Sector and Special Economic Zone.
  • Chairman of Pakistan-Saudi Arabia Business Council of FPCCI.
  • Chairman of Pakistan-Kyrgyzstan Business Council of FPCCI.
  • Member and Chairman of the committee in BOI for Energy
  • Member Private Sector Development (PSD) Task Force
  • City Police Liaison Committee (CPLC), Lahore
  • Board Member of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology
  • Member of SAARC Chamber of Commerce
  • Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industries
  • Board Member University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore

Mr. Faisal was interviewed by Forbes Asia Magazine with following comments.
“China’s Khyber pass, Restless Shah Faisal is opening the way to Pakistan for major Chinese players. It’s budding Bilateral Business on the back of an old alliance” (Dated: July 13, 2009)

His mission is to efficiently utilize human and technical resources to deliver the best solutions to market. He treats all his employees as associates and strives to provide a cordial and professional work environment where associates achieve personal satisfaction from their accomplishments and are adequately compensated and recognized for the same. He believes in forward thinking, creative and participatory management environment that develops a style of leadership, which exemplifies integrity, loyalty, directness and willingness to accept personal accountability and promote strong development of teamwork.

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