APBF held its National Board & Lahore Board Meeting

APBF National and Lahore Board combined Meeting was held to discuss various initiatives, to review first quarter of 2018 and on going activities in 2nd and planning for 3rd Qtr of 2018. President Ibrahim Qureshi briefed APBF Board members recent activities and initiatives being taken by APBF committees. President APBF briefed that his tenure as President is coming to an end and wants to continue the tradition of APBF to move on and suggested National and Lahore Board Members to propose names for election of new Chairman, President and Secretay General. National Board members voted and showed consensus on the new APBF office bearers. Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi showed his great confidence and trust in the capabilities of New incoming office bearers and emphasised to keep up the same excellent and diligent work to inspire business leaders to help build a prosperous Pakistan.

At the start of October a dinner for Diplomats, Industrialists, Ministers, Government Dignitaries and renowned business community is also being planned in Islamabad to increase bilateral trade. A conference on the national level was suggested and approved by APBF Board on “Economy, Perception by foreign diplomats in Pakistan, demand base Skilled Human Resource for Industry, country situation and challenges for the prosperity of the country” to be conducted in 3rd Qtr.

APBF Board was informed that our board member Mr. Wasim Zakaria has requested to cooperate for Pakistan Trade show and Board formally approved to be partner with Inter Connect to Organise Pakistan Trade Show in October 2018.

Meeting presided by Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi President and National Board Member, attended by Mr. Syed Maaz Mahmood Secretary General and National Board Member, Mr. Aamir Barry National Board Member, Mr. Asim Sheikh National Board Member, Mr. Khurram Niaz Khan National Board Member, Dr. Azam Chohan Lahore Board Member, Ms. Amna Hamza LB Member, Mr. Adil Mansoor LBMember, Mr. Mohsin Jawa LB Member, Dr. Dania Qazi LB Member, Dr. Saman Yazdani Khan LB Member, Mr. Jameel Arshad LB Member. Special thanks to Mr. Khurram Niaz for an excellent hospitality.