Member Lahore Board

Fahdel Sheikh

Director Admin/HR/MKT of Aadil Hospital

Mr. Fahdel Sheikh is a healthcare professional and a Philanthropist. Mr. Fahdel and his family has a mission to serve humanity with a team of professionals working for the Abdul Waheed Trust and teaching hospitals.

Established in 1987, Aadil Hospital is a project of Abdul Waheed Trust and is affiliated with Avicenna Medical College. For the past 30 years, Aadil Hospital has been privileged to serve the health care needs and improve the quality of life for the local community in Lahore and beyond. Aadil Hospital provides high-quality health services to patients from all socio-economic backgrounds. Our team of dedicated nurses and physicians has advanced skills in modern medicine. Aadil hospital is a team builder. It has always encouraged its staff to acquire new skills and trainings. Our doctors and consultants are up to date with advancements of medical break-through and upcoming trends in modern medicine.

After decades in operation, Aadil Hospital has become a prominent name in the local community, as well as among various multi-national corporations, known for meeting the health care needs of the entire community through incomparable patient-centered care.

Aadil hospital has achieved a lot over these past 30 years. The hospital has the capacity to serve 150 admitted patients in a given day which is catering to different socio economic classes. Avicenna medical college which is a charity based hospital and a major project of Aadil hospital is treating people who had no proper access to medical care. Abdul Waheed Trust is a known charity not for profit organization. Aadil Hospital is a non-profit organization generating its own funds and does not raise charity for treatment of poor patients,It has an extended capacity of serving 700 admitted patients in a given day. Abdul Waheed Trust’s mission to serve humanity continues through family and professional medical team working for the Abdul Waheed Trust and its teaching hospitals. Our charity healthcare services benefit 30,000 patients annually in medicine department, around 17000 free surgeries and about 14000 pediatric patients are treated annually.

What started from a humble beginning has now flourished into something huge. Over the years we have developed department of medicine, Pediatrics and neo natal care, Deptt of cardiology, ophthalmology, orthopedic and trauma surgery, ENT surgery, Psychiatry and behavioral sciences, Neurosurgery, Laparoscopy and general surgery, pediatric surgery, dermatology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, Urology, Dental and Maxillofacial surgery, neurology, gastroenterology, Nephrology, Physiotherapy and sports medicine, radiology and imaging, hematology, microbiology, pulmonology, anesthesiology, audiology and speech therapy, Mortuary and Funeral services, International medical evacuation, vaccination centers.

Role in NationalHuman Resource Development:

The current shortage of doctors in Pakistan is more than 100 thousand. Daily, several patients visit hospitals to receive medical treatment but they leave the hospital with disappointment and worry on their faces due to lack of doctors. As per official healthcare statistics, around 1,45,797 doctors, 10,693 dentists and 55,165 nurses have been registered in the country. According to international standards, it is an obligation that around 2 doctors, 1 dentist and 8 nurses should be taking care of a 1000 people. By keeping in mind the global standards, Pakistan currently requires 194,201 doctors, 159,307 dentists and 1.4 million nurses to meet international standards. That is where we come in. Avicenna Medical College is preparing 150 doctors, 100 nursing professionals, 50 operation theatre assistants, 50 dialysis technicians and 50 lab technicians annually. We believe that it is of the utmost importance to train the youth because they are, without a doubt, the torch bearers of our nation.