Member Lahore Board

Mudassar Raza

Principal Partner of Mudassar Ehtisham & Co.

Mr.Mudassar Raza is a Chartered Accountant. He holds the Fellow membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP). He is acting as a principal and incharge of M/s Mudassar Ehtisham & Co. Here views Auditing, Accounting, Taxation and MIS assignments performed by staff on behalf of valued clients. Mr. Mudassar Raza is also a commerce graduate from University of the Punjab.
Mr. Mudassar Raza is also well equipped with the tools of MIS and Network Environment of Integrative Accounting system and has a vast experience regarding company matters from incorporation to liquidation of companies, firms and the listing of companies in Stock Exchanges. This amplitude of knowledge and learning permits him to ensure valued clients for a complete set of related satisfactory services under one roof.