APBF conducted an interactive conference on “Pakistan at Cross Roads – How to Refresh”

APBF conducted a successful and an interactive conference of national level “Pakistan at Cross Roads – How to Refresh “. Diplomats, Government Dignitaries, Multi National Companies, Business Community and Renowned Industrialists participated in the conference. H. E. European Ambassador Jean Francois Cautian , H. E. Italian Ambassador Stefano Pontecorvo, H. E. Spanish Ambassador Carlos Morales, H. E. Romanian Ambassador Nicolae Goa, H. E. Ambassador of Philippines Ramos Espiritiu, H. E. Egypt Ambassador Muhammad Fadel Yaqoob made their valuable speeches on Economy, Skills Work Force Development and Country Narrative. More than 25 Ambassadors and First Secretaries of different countries participated at the concerned. APBF for conducting this conference. General Zaheer Ul Islam Former DG ISI and Chairman of CGSS made a concluding speech at the conference. Secretary General APBF started Conference and welcomed the Honourable Guests. Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi President APBF briefed the concept of the conference. Conference was comprised of speakers and expert panelists who gave their opinions on the topic based on their experience as the speakers and panelists sitting like ” Who is Who”. All the participants, Speakers, Expert Panelists, Industrialists from different cities, business community, Academia, Law experts and Foreign Diplomatic Community present at the conference appreciated and applauded APBF for this conference which is a great national cause.