APBF held its National Board & Lahore Board Meeting

APBF National and Lahore Board Meeting was held to discuss various initiatives and upcoming activities being organised by APBF. President APBF Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi briefed all the APBF members re recent activities and initiatives being taken by APBF. National Board applauded APBF Initiatives with GIZ and USAID being taken for the betterment of the youth of Pakistan. Further APBF Board Members approved several initiatives and also Ambassadors and dignitaries conference in Islamabad to bring a positive image and perception of Pakistan and further to showcase Pakistan’s business community achievements and successes infront of foreign diplomatic missions in Pakistan. This conference will be attended by renowned personalities of the country, foreign diplomats, Ministers, senior Government authorities, industrialists and business community. APBF also celebrated birthday of Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi, Mr. Mohsin Jawa and Dr. Dania Qazi. Meeting was chaired by Mr. Khalid Rafiq Chairman APBF and presided by Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi President APBF and attended by Mr. Syed Maaz Mahmood Secretary General, Dr. Dania Qazi, Mr. Aamir Barry, Mr. Khurram Niaz Khan, Mr. Asim Sheikh, Mr. Amir Munir, Dr. Azam Chohan and Mr. Mohsin Jawa.