APBF President Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi presided the FPCCI Diplomatic Committee Meeting

Federation of Pakistan Chamber and Commerce Industry(FPCCI)Diplomatic Committee Meeting Presided by Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi as Chairman Committee. Mr. Manzoor Malik Chairman FPCCI also joined the meeting. Mr Manzoor thanked Ibrahim Qureshi for his dedicated efforts to bring positive image of Pakistan and to build strong ties of other countries with Pakistan. Ibrahim Qureshi chaired the first meeting with members and stressed the need to build better bilateral relations with foreign missions, engaging Pakistan Foreign office and better facilitation for Visas for the trade and industry development and facilitation for the business community of Pakistan. Members of the committee include Mr. Syed Maaz Mahmood, Mr. Aamir Barry, Mr. Khurram Niaz Khan and Mr. Mian Safdar Hussain. The chairman committee thanked Mr. Manzoor Malik for his tireless efforts in promoting a positive image of Pakistan and engaging with the diplomatic community.