Member Lahore Board

Nadeem Ahmad

CEO at Aqua Regia Group of Companies

Mr. Nadeem Ahmad C.E.O of Aqua Regia Group Companies, as a visionary leader and idea person, I am aware as how to verbalize my dreams and goals and can explain them to my team. As a CEO I believe that the communication isn’t just one-sided. In addition to sharing my vision for the future, as visionary leader, I am an active listener as well. I  listen to my workforce’s ideas and thoughts, incorporating them into the larger goal. I  involve others in reaching my milestones and help the team members meet their personal goals as well.

Like a chess player, I  plan ahead to make the best business moves. With a particular strategy in mind, my planning involves creating an action plan. With the leader’s vision defines what the organization will look, in the future and how it will function. My strategies are designed to take me toward towards ultimate goals.

I am a water treatment specialist and in this regards, I have travelled almost all over the world to attend various seminars, pertaining to new techniques introduce to the world after a painstaking research work. That comprises industrial water external as well as internal treatment of cooling systems, boilers, influent / effluent water treatment, chemicals and equipments.