APBF held its National Board & Lahore Board Meeting

APBF National Board Meeting was held to discuss various initiatives and on going activities in first Qtr of 2017. President Ibrahim Qureshi briefed all the APBF members re recent activities and initiatives being taken by APBF. APBF Is going to conduct a National Conference on “Ease of Doing business in Pakistan”. In view of the concerns of foreign and local investors along with solutions. Meeting presided by Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi President , attended by Mr. Syed Maaz Mahmood Secretary General, Mr. Tahir Malik, Mr. Agha Zafar Abbas, Mr. Azam Chohan, Mr. Khalid Malik, Mr. Khurram Niaz Khan and Mr. Aamir Barry National Board Members. Special thanks to Mr. Agha Zafar Abbas for an excellent hospitality.