Tri Party MOU signing ceremony between APBF, ITC & PIDE

Tri Party MOU signing ceremony between All Pakistan Business Forum, Institute of Trade and Competitiveness and Pakistan Institute of Development Economics for “Joint Working to Promote Trade and Competitiveness through Policy Research, Advocacy and Implementation” as event hosted by UMT, Lahore. Mr. Abid Sherwani DG UMT, President APBF and CEO ITC Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi, Mr. Maaz Mahmood Secretary General APBF and Mr. Asad VC PIDE signed Tri Party MOU. President APBF Mr. Ibrahim elaborated that this is needed for collaboration among the three entities which will bring the facts and figures of economical factors of our country that will lead to a road which will bring prosperity through appropriate sharing of information with all the stake holders. Mr. Abid Sherwani applauded efforts of APBF and said that such enthusiastic and optimistic forums will lead to success of our nation. Mr. Asad VC PIDE shared his views about the need of development and encouragement of our youth through right path and proper guidance. Mr. Maaz Mahmood Secretary General APBF highlighted the efforts of APBF and its members and assured that APBF will support all the positive activities and initiatives that will help Pakistan to become prosperous and attractive for the rest of the world