Legal Adviser

Hafiz Ahsan Ahmad

Advocate Former Chairman Customs
Central Excise and Sales Tax Appellate Tribunal, Pakistan.

Hafiz Ahsan Ahmad Khokhar Advocate is a law graduate from University Law Collage, Punjab University Lahore,did his Master in Political Science from Punjab university . He has got further education from Cornell University USA in International Comparative Law. He has been associated with the Government of Pakistan on Police reforms and was elected Chairman National Coordination for District Public Safety and Police Complaints Pakistan and chairman of district public safety commission sheikhupura. He was appointed as judicial member of the customs, excise and sales tax appellate tribunal by the Government of Pakistan in BPS 21, thereafter he served as chairman of the customs, excise and sales tax, appellate tribunal Pakistan 2009-2011.He participated in number of national and international conference’s on law,devolution.police and justice system. He has been awarded certificate on his performance as chairman of the tribunal by present Chief Justice of Pakistan . He has written articles on different issues.He is expert on tax matters, drafting of agreement including joint venture agreements, corporate / banking/companies and on constitutional matters. Presently he has given his professional services apart from private client-age to the following departments.

  •  Legal adviser of Federal Board of Revenue.
  •  Legal adviser Pakistan Railways.
  •  Legal adviser Business Forum of Punjab.
  •  Legal adviser Sheikhupura Chamber of Commerce and industries.
  •  Legal adviser China state Construction engineering corporation Pakistan.
  •  Legal adviser P.S.O Limited.
  •  Legal adviser State life insurance corporation Pakistan.
  •  Legal adviser Privatization commission of Pakistan.
  •  Legal adviser of Association of Cooperative Societies, Pakistan.
  •  Legal adviser Pakistan cricket board (2008).
  •  Legal adviser District government sheikhupura.