All Pakistan Business Forum National Board & Lahore Board Meeting on September 06, 2016

AAll Pakistan Business Forum helds it’s National Board & Lahore Board Meeting on September 06, 2016. Meeting was chaired by President APBF Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi. Secretary General Mr. Maaz Mahmood, Chairman Mr.Khalid Rafiq, National Board members Mr. Asim Shahzad Sheikh, Amir Ata Barry and the members of Lahore Board Mr.  Tahir Malik, and APBF Corporate Member Mr. Nazir Hussain has attend the meeting. In the meeting final preparation of Violent Extremism conference om September 08,2016 was discussed. Speakers Name, Panellist, conference moderator and gifts bags for conference guest was discussed and different duties was assigned to APBF core group team and Volunteers