President Lahore Board

Tahir Malik

Chairman: Traffco Group of Companies

I commenced my professional career from my father’s company where I rendered my services as Director Sales and Marketing from 1980 to 1983. This was a special juncture in my professional span as I learnt a lot about the business and marketing that helped me in setting up my own business. I kicked off my own business by establishing a company “TRAFCO International” and later changed its name into TRAFCO Logistics (Pvt) Ltd in 1994. Since then we are engaged in custom clearance and providing door to door delivery of raw material to our customers with the help of our international partners. During the inception phase, we had only one office in Lahore but later we setup 9 more offices in the major cities of Pakistan. After this successful venture, now TRAFCO is a Group of Companies including TRAFCO Logistics (Pvt) Ltd, Skat Container Line (Pvt) Ltd, Skat Aviation Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, TRAFCO Tracking (Pvt) Ltd, Pure Trust Petroleum and A.K Automobiles.

The success of our company can be attributed to our ability to continually identify and respond to the changing demands across highly-regulated markets. Our solutions are underpinned by our systems integration offerings and our software delivery is becoming increasingly managed using the State of the Art Technology Tracking Equipment. While Fleet Management remains the focus of our business delivering Satellite products and technical solutions.

We have set ourselves the dual objective of being recognized as the premier provider of Tracking solutions and being listed within the Top 3 Tracking Service providers in the country.

Our values of respect, rigor and involvement remain consistent. These values are embraced by our people and have played a major role in our success so far. These values will continue to do so going forward.

TRAFCO has been Pakistan’s leading vehicle tracking company since the 2007. And while vehicle tracking and stolen vehicle Recovery (SVR) remains the company’s core business, the Trafco of today has enolved into a highly sophisticated technological company offering leading edge fleet moitoring and telematics solutions to both individuals and organizations throughout Pakistan.

But it’s more than this.

TRAFCO strives to create value for a broad range of people and industries. It’s about filtering and processing different strings of vehicle data and providing meaningful information that can be utilized and connected with other layers of intelligence to improve the lives of motorists, the general Pakistani public as well as a wide spectrum of organizations in the insurance, vehicle manufacturer, fleet, dealer and other intermediary markets.

It’s about taking vehicle, route and driver information and creating true value propositions for a host of different audiences.

Whether it’s powering a live traffic product or enabling tailored insurance offerings, TRAFCO wants to add value wherever it can, to whomever it touches.

By combining world-class products and services and feeding intelligent and accurate information back to both customers and various industries, Trafco believes that it can truly improve the lives of Pakistanis in ways that extend beyond only recovering stolen and hijacked vehicles. But, regardless of how the vehicle tracking industry evolves in the future, one golden thread shall remain forever woven into the very fabric of the company: By arresting hundreds of criminals, saving precious lives, and preventing scores of future crimes from ever happening.

Trafco is and always will be a powerful force for good in Pakistan dedicated to bringing down crime and taking back tomorrow for all its people.