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Water and Power Crisis: APBF concerned over deaths in Karachi

June 25th, 2015

Lahore (Press Release) -The All Pakistan Business Forum expressing deep concern over hundreds of deaths in Karachi during the last four days due to severe heat wave, prolonged power breakdowns and water scarcity, has called for settling disputes to construct large dams including Kalabagh Dam- the only solution of water crisis, which is going to engulf the whole country.

“The APBF also appreciate the MQM for supporting the most controversial but the most important project of Kalabagh dam, hoping this move would pave way for early completion of this mega project,” observed the APBF President Ibrahim Qureshi.

He said that the intensity of recent load shedding during extremely hot weather in Karachi could have been decreased if KBD was there to provide 3600 MW of electricity to the national grid.

It is welcome step of the MQM to announce support for the construction of Kalabagh Dam and urged the government to complete this project after disposing of the reservations of Sindh people.

He said that Pakistan’s per capita water availability had already gone below 975 cubic meters from 5100 cubic meters in 1960 which is a great threat to industry, agriculture and masses which not only require urgent steps.

The World Bank had asked Pakistan to build a dam of the size of Tarbela at least every decade but successive governments failed to make a single dam despite resources which indicate lack of interest in securing country’s future.

He said the water shortage has reached an alarming level, which will make Pakistan a desert in a decade if immediate steps were not taken. Politicians should settle their dispute in the larger national interest and government should declare water as most important issue of national security.

APBF President Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi demanded the federation to summon a joint meeting of experts, from all the four provinces to address Sindh people’s reservations over the construction of Kalabagh Dam. He said that if the officials fail to overcome the reservations of Sindh is then they should build small dams across the country, so that the issue of water shortage could be handled.