Member Lahore Board

Iftikhar Taj Mian

Director Business Consulting

IFC trained Consultant on Corporate  & Family Business Governance and Adult Training.

A passionate Consultant with a diversified experience in Corporate Governance, Organisation Restructuring, Change Management, Business & Risk Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Strategy Development & Implementation across multiple sectors and varied levels of complexity.

The expertise include business consulting and implementing Global best practices for Finance Industry across the Asia Pacific region.

The key and practiced strengths include financial, marketing & business planning, product development, entrepreneurship, negotiation, interpersonal skills and ability to work with a variety of people with diverse regional and ethnic backgrounds.

Graduate in Mathematics and Chartered Accountant with a passion for IT. Enthusiastic for anything that involves creativity & innovation as drivers for productivity and demands high levels of accomplishment.A certified director by Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance.

Outside work, a keen Golfer and Public Speaker on Corporate and Family Governance.


The firm provides following consulting services to help businesses and people to grow:

  • Corporate Governance particularly for Small and Medium Enterprises,
  • Family business dispute avoidance strategies,
  • Business Process Re-engineering,
  • Lease & Finance Process Engineering,
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Organisation Restructuring
  • Banking Arrangements
  • Capital needs assessment
  • Head hunting