All Pakistan Business Forum, reiterating unflinching support to the people of Occupied Kashmir, called upon the all political parties and the government to express full solidarity on Feb 5 with Kashmiris, who have been locked down by 184 days.

APBF President Syed Maaz Mahmood expressed complete solidarity with the peaceful Kashmiris said the entire business community was fully supporting them and their cause of independence, warning the government against any kind of trade talks with India, which has crossed all limits to violate the human rights.

He called upon the nation to send a strong message of support to Kashmiri people on Feb 05 and jolt world conscience seeking its role in stopping Indian atrocities in the occupied region. He said Kashmir cause is our top priority and APBF wants nationwide support to Kashmiri people on February 05.

Syed Maaz Mahmood, on this occasion, also expressed complete solidarity with Pakistan armed forces, in its fight for the cause of Kashmir and for their fighting against terrorists. He said that the entire business community, along with the nation, fully support the armed forces for crushing terrorists. He said that political stability coupled with better law and order was pre-requisite for strengthening of national economy and must for survival of the country.

The APBF President said the entire business community was fully supporting Kashmiris and their cause of independence. He further said that the global economy is in recession and bilateral trade is diminishing, however, solidarity with Kashmiris is first priority not trade with India despite the fact that economic scenario is worse presently. He said that India must understand that peace in South Asia is in the interest of regional countries and the whole world, as extremism will not only damage Pakistan but also hurt India. He called upon New Delhi to abandon fanning militancy in Pakistan and opposing economic corridor which is in her own interest.

The APBF president accused the Indian government of trying to divert attention from its internal failure by resorting to unprovoked firing to create unrest in occupied Kashmir. He said that innocent children and youths were targeted during repeated Indian firing, adding that India’s hypocrisy has been exposed before the whole world. “It is highly condemnable that Muslim youth are being targeted and killed by Indian forces in Kashmir,” said president APBF President.

He said India was subjugating rights of Kashmiri people in the worst form of state terrorism as Indian occupied forces were trampling down all legal and constitutional norms by subjugating Kashmiri people and denying them their just right to self-determination.

“Businessmen are proud of our armed forces and will extend all type of co-operation for successful operation against terrorism. The conspiracies hatched against Pakistan by foreign elements would not succeed and with the grace of Allah, it has been carved out on the globe to survive ultimately.” He said that it was high time for whole nation including all political parties especially the opposition to shun political differences and boost the morale of the armed force for crushing terrorists. The entire business community at all cost will help armed forces foil the evil designs of anti-state disgruntled elements, who are calculated to harm the national integrity to please their foreign masters.