All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF) was formed in May 2011 with the aim to bring Pakistani business leaders, social organizations, media, chambers of commerce, and associations on a united platform.

The Forum seeks a strong and prosperous Pakistan with sustained growth ensured through effective and continued policies resulting in better quality of life for its citizens.

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Our Vision

  • Providing a professional and non-political platform to business community in the Pakistan
  • Organizing the business community in throughout Pakistan

Our Mission

  • Analyze problems being faced by the business community in Pakistan and advocate practical solutions
  • Provide a district-wise evolved coherent plan for giving a meaningful direction to the vibrant community in Pakistan with a focus to generate economies of scale, activity employment, taxes, productivity, exports resulting in  a momentum in right direction
  • Provide professional suggestions to the Government(s) for budget making
  • Act as a watchdog for implementation of government policies
  • Act as a bridge between government(s) and business community
  • Act as a voice of all chambers of commerce, associations and business houses and representative bodies in Pakistan
  • Identify sectors with potential to grow
  • Provide networking ability amongst businesses in Pakistan and with national and international forums and  businesses
  • Identify and groom talented leadership for business community of Pakistan
  • Act as advocacy group for communicating with the businessmen of Pakistan